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Full Prep Services for FBA

Use Swift FBA Prep Services to ensure that your products are properly packaged and prepared for Amazon fulfillment. Correct packaging and prep helps to reduce delays in receiving time, protect your products while in Amazon fulfillment centers, and create a better customer experience.

AMAZON's minimum qualifications:

Condition: Any (new, used, collectible, refurbished)
Product type: Any (media and non-media)
ASIN: Each unit must have a scannable barcode (ISBN, UPC, EAN, or JAN). The unit's barcode must not be punched out, marked over, covered, or otherwise obstructed.

E-Commerece Fulfillment

AMAZON FBA isn’t for everyone and many online retailers struggle with FBA’s stringent restrictions. Unsurprisingly, to keep customers happy and sales channels running smoothly, SWIFT helps you meet AMAZON's regulations with ease.

Warehousing and Storage

Having strong inventory management and knowledge of storage fees can save you thousands of dollars per month in unnecessary fees that would have otherwise been deposited directly into your account.

Storage for your stranded inventory with lowest & discounted fee.

Services Pricing

Selling on Amazon is widely known to boost sales and expand customer reach. Leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can serve as a valuable asset, enabling access to Amazon Prime memberships, free shipping benefits, and other advantages. However, Amazon FBA poses a challenge due to its stringent regulations regarding product delivery to their fulfillment centers. Non-compliant deliveries may incur penalty fees or, in worse cases, result in complete refusal of inbound inventory. Our services will help you meet Amazon regulations.


Swift provides FNSKU with 0.35$ / Unit

Poly Bag

0.7$ / Unit
0.6$ / Oversized Unit
Customized Service Charges

Bubble Wrappers

Up to 15 / 15 inches 1.00$


For single item 0.7$
For any additional item 0.35$ / item

New box / Carton

Up to 60*60*60 cm
4.00$ / box


Pallet unloading 30.0$
Pallet storage 35.0$ / month
Pallet creation 30.0$

Box Storage

Box about 1 Cubic ft 6.0$ / month

Box Handling

Less than 5 Kg 0.0$ / box
Up to 5 Kg 3.0$ / box
Up to 15 Kg 5.0$ / box
Up to 25 Kg 6.5$ / box

Shipping Label

Label 1.5$ / box or carton

Drop off

Drop off 4.0$ / box
Less than 5 Kg 2.5$ / box
5 - 10 Kg 4.5$ / box
Up to 10 Kg 5.0$ / box


Our Story

Swift FBA Prep Center was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by e-commerce sellers using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. As former e-commerce sellers ourselves, we experienced firsthand the time-consuming and complex process of preparing products for shipment to Amazon's warehouses.

Our Mission

At Swift FBA Prep Center, our mission is to simplify and streamline the FBA and OA preparation process for sellers. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services that alleviate the logistical burden, allowing sellers to focus on growing their businesses and maximizing their profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With FNSKU Labeling - Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit we help your products to be identified by Amazon. This will ensure that your are the only seller of product.

  • A poly bag is a clear, plastic bag that closes with a self-sealing adhesive.

  • a sheet of plastic filled with bubbles of air, used especially for wrapping and protecting things that are being delivered. Swift provides best quality poly bags for your products.

  • Swift performs bundling for your products. An Amazon bundle consists of multiple single items that can be identified by a unique ASIN/UPC.

  • As per regulation of Amazon, Swift provides New box and Carton for your products.

  • Swift provides Pallets for your procuts. You don't have to worry about Pallet requirements of Amazon.

  • Swift provides boxes for storage of your products.

  • Swift provides handling of your boxes, so they can be handaled accrodingly.

  • Swift provides Shipping label for your procuts as per regulations of AMAZON.

  • Swift can handle drop off for your products.

Customer Experience


Our customer support team can be reached via email and phone. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and we are always eager to address any issue or feedback you may have. Thank you for choosing Swift and we look forward to help you.

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